Essay on counseling children of homosexual parents | counseling | Alabama State University

Essay on Counseling Children of Homosexual Parents

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 Use textbooks, class materials, outside sources, and use APA format (Note: first person  expression is expected). Reflect on your experiences and your prior preconceived ideas.  Which of those preconceived ideas are now open to re-interpretation and why? What have you  learned about yourself and “them” now that the immersion is over? Take what you have learned  about this group and yourself and apply it in a counseling context. Assume you have a client  from this group and discuss each of the following:  Use the insights you gained into your preconceived ideas of this group to identify ways  you will cope with your internal dialogue about clients from this group. Have your biases  shifted, and how will you keep your internalized biases at bay?  What are some likely counseling issues you might expect from this group and why?  What approaches (counseling and systemic) will you use and why?  What are the ethical and legal issues inherent in counseling a client from this group?  What will you do now to be ready to meet this future client?  What did you learn in this experience that you will use with future multicultural/diverse  clients?  Write 8-10 pages; Graded; 25 pts, APA and outside resources required  If you are a non-counseling major, instead of applying your experience to the  “counseling” area, please apply it to your area of education (i.e. teacher, administrator,  etc..)  Also, place your Cultural Immersion papers in the Discussion Board if you wish to share  with your classmates 

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