Hrm knowledge check | Management homework help

 Answer all 20 Questions correctly.

Question 1

According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an employer may pay workers differently for all of the following reasons EXCEPT for ________.

Select the correct answer

a. seniority

b. merit systems

c. production quantity

d. gender

Question 2

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act specifically prohibits discrimination based on all of the following characteristics EXCEPT ________.

Select the correct answer

a. color

b. religion

c. cultural orientation

d. national origin

Question 3

The EEOC was initially established to investigate complaints about ________.

Select the correct answer

a. accommodations for disabled workers

b. sexual harassment in public schools

c. unfair business practices

d. job discrimination

Question 4

The Vocational Rehabilitation Act requires that employers ________.

Select the correct answer

a. promote female employees

b. provide training opportunities

c. accommodate disabled workers

d. perform background checks

Question 5

According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, it is unlawful to ________.

Select the correct answer

a. fire older employees for insubordination

b. institute a minimum age for employees

c. require employees to retire at age 65

d. allow juries to determine age discrimination

Question 6

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which of the following is considered a disability?

Select the correct answer

a. voyeurism

b. cosmetic disfigurement

c. homosexuality

d. compulsive gambling

Question 7

According to the ADA, firms must employ all disabled individuals who apply for positions and provide them with job training when necessary.

a. True 

b. False 

Question 8

A firm’s ethics code outlines its mission, vision, appraisal system, and hiring policies.

a. True 

b. False 

Question 9

The principles of conduct governing an individual or a group are referred to as ________.

Select the correct answer

a. judgments

b. ethics

c. morals

d. laws

Question 10

Which of the following leads to the majority of ethical compromises in the workplace?

Select the correct answer

a. meeting scheduling pressures

b. meeting financial objectives

c. saving jobs

d. feeling peer pressure

Question 11

According to research, most adults base their work-related ethical decisions on ________.

Select the correct answer

a. upward feedback

b. high-level ethical principles

c. expectations of co-workers

d. fears of being punished

Question 12

Based on research into ethical behavior in the workplace, which of the following is a TRUE statement?

Select the correct answer

a. Punishing unethical behavior fails to alter the behavior of others in the workplace.

b. Having ethical leaders in an organization reduces the number of unethical decisions.

c. A code of conduct significantly decreases the number of unethical choices in the workplace.

d. Employees feel uncomfortable discussing ethics, so it should be avoided.

Question 13

According to ethics surveys, which of the following is the underlying factor behind most ethical lapses in the workplace?

Select the correct answer

a. company pressures

b. unclear standards

c. personal financial problems

d. distrust of co-workers

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 5e (Dessler)

Ch. 13, “Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining”

Question 14

Right-to-work laws inhibit union formation by ________.

Select the correct answer

a. leaving the question of union security up to each company

b. outlawing unions in right-to-work states

c. making union membership a precondition for employment

d. prohibiting any form of union security

Question 15

In which human resource activity does a typical labor agreement NOT give the union a role?

Select the correct answer

a. recruitment

b. dismissal

c. appraisals

d. selection

Question 16

Factors that cause workers to unionize include all EXCEPT________.

Select the correct answer

a. fear of job loss

b. good employee relations

c. poor communication

d. low morale

Question 17

Employees join unions in response to ________.

Select the correct answer

a. desires for mandatory arbitration

b. demands for new technical certification

c. concerns about worker safety

d. perceptions of employer unfairness

Question 18

The National Labor Relations Board was primarily established for the purpose of ________.

Select the correct answer

a. managing the membership of the AFL-CIO

b. negotiating contracts on behalf of local unions

c. overseeing the establishment of local unions

d. investigating unfair labor practice charges

Question 19

Which law sought to protect union members from possible wrongdoing on the part of their unions?

Select the correct answer

a. Landrum-Griffin Act

b. Norris-LaGuardia Act

c. Wagner Act

d. Taft-Hartley Act

Question 20

The Landrum-Griffin Act encouraged union activity by guaranteeing each employee the right to bargain collectively without interference, restraint, or coercion.

a. True 

b. False

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