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Psych 101  Quiz 1.docx

Psych 101 Chapter 1 Quiz

·         Question 1

2 out of 2 points

Dr. Samuelson conducts research on the relationship between strokes and speech problems. He is probably a(n) ______ psychologist. ​

·         Question 2

2 out of 2 points

Wundt is to ________ as James is to ________.​

·         Question 3

0 out of 2 points

All of the following are steps in the scientific method EXCEPT ​

·         Question 4

2 out of 2 points

In a drug study, group one receives an inactive pill and group two receives a pill that is believed to be effective in treating depression. Group two is the​

·         Question 5

2 out of 2 points

Your psychology professor refers to a research study and says the results were “statistically significant.” Which step in the scientific method does this apply?​

·         Question 6

2 out of 2 points

Which theorists are associated with humanistic psychology?​

·         Question 7

2 out of 2 points

All of the following would be exhibited by neo-Freudians EXCEPT​

·         Question 8

2 out of 2 points

​ A survey is a descriptive method in which the participants are asked ____.

·         Question 9

2 out of 2 points

Dr. Burlington works with Ivy University’s basketball team, where he helps the athletes handle competitive pressures. He is also conducting a study to determine the most important factors influencing athletic performance anxiety. Burlington is probably a(n) ______ psychologist. ​

·         Question 10

0 out of 2 points

In an experiment, the factor that is expected to change is referred to as the ____.​

·         Question 11

2 out of 2 points

Animal trainer Bob Jeffers uses rewards to teach his animals to perform circus tricks. Jeffers’s techniques are based on principles from which school of psychology?​

·         Question 12

2 out of 2 points

Dr. Finnegan, a psychological researcher, ensures that he maintains the privacy of his research records. Which ethical principle does this example describe?​

·         Question 13

2 out of 2 points

Which of the following does NOT belong?​

·         Question 14

2 out of 2 points

Which type of psychologist would be interested in memory loss in elderly individuals?​

·         Question 15

2 out of 2 points

A newspaper article reports that crime increases each month when the moon is full. This relationship is a(n) ____.​

·         Question 16

2 out of 2 points

A developmental psychologist would most likely​

·         Question 17

2 out of 2 points

Which perspective is most responsible for bringing issues related to diversity to the forefront of psychological research?​

·         Question 18

2 out of 2 points

Mayra is participating in a double-blind study on the effectiveness of a new time-release antidepressant medication. Once a week, she receives a small white pill from Dr. Stanley, which she takes immediately. What is the first “blind” aspect of this study?​

·         Question 19

2 out of 2 points

Your psychology professor refers to a research study and says the results were “statistically significant.” What does this mean?​

·         Question 20

2 out of 2 points

​ Psychology is best described as a science that studies

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